The Beginning

Al Capone is an American icon.  He was a child from an italian immigrant family who rose to infamy as a mobster in Chicago during the days of Prohibition.  He was knows as “Scarface” because of an altercation that happened he hit on a customer in his bar.  Her brother took offense and in one wicked swipe, sliced Capone’s cheek…and gave birth to the best mobster nickname ever!  Scarface. Even today, people know his name better than the last 3 US Presidents.  This blog is a look into the man, his family, his gang and his legend.

uncle-al-caponeThere is a lot written on Al Capone.  Some are truths…some are myths…but they all make up the legend of Al Capone.  There is currently only one living relative who carries the Capone family name.  Al Capone’s great niece is Deirdre Capone.  She currently lives in Miami and has written a book about her legendary great uncle.

Deirdre Capone has gone to great lengths to defend her uncle and the Capone family.  She has publically denied Al Capone’s involvement in the infamous St. Valentine’s Day massacre.  Her grandfather, Ralph Capone was Al’s brother.  Her father, also Ralph, committed suicide in 1950…three years after Al Capone died – on Dierdre’s 3rd birthday.