That Car Though!!

Al Capone’s personal vehicle was totally tricked out for his protection by a friend and auto dealer named Joe Bergl:img_8553

  • The car was Al’s favorite – a 1928 Cadillac V-8 Town Sedan armor plated beast!
  • There was 3,000 pounds of steel armor on it and it even had a bulletproof gas tank!  Sweeeeeet!!!
  • The car was green with black fenders (this was the same colors that police cars had in those days!)
  • The windows were obviously  bulletproof and (who knows why) it had a police siren.
  • In true gangster fashion, the back window would roll down so they could fire machine guns at cars/people!img_8552
  • Top speed: 120mph (super fast!!)
  • Just like in the movies, the car could leave a smoke screen from exhaust system
  • Al Capone paid $20k for the car.img_8551

In 1931, the US Treasury seized his car in when Al was sent to jail for tax evasion. There are even tumors that Secret Service used it for the protection of President Franklin Roosevelt during WW2.

This 1928 Cadillac car is now on display at the Gangster Museum in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I need to go see this!!!!