My New Blog

So why the heck am I writing a blog about Al Capone?  For the longest time growing up, I thought I was related to the world’s most famous gangster!  Ok…not literally related to him.  But I wanted to be him.

I never wanted to be the violent guy that Capone was…but I wanted to be powerful like him.  I wanted people to work for me and I wanted to make lots of money.  I loved how he came from nothing and how he made his own way.  We could all learn lessons from the guy.

Ok…so he killed a few people.  Experts say he was responsible for at least 33 murders.  That includes the 7 that were killed in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929.  And yet, Capone was never convicted of murder.  He was only imprisoned for tax evasion.

So in this blog, I want to talk about the qualities of this man that I admired in my younger years and the qualities that I despise now that I’m older.  Is it odd?  Certainly.  But sometimes that makes for the best stories!