Coming From Nothing

So today I ran into a guy who was a Capone “fan” just as I was.  So maybe he wasn’t really a fan…maybe he was just a smart guy who read up on his history.

We both admired the fact that this was a guy who came from absolutely nothing.  He grew up in the slums of Brooklyn.  Joined a gang as a kid. Worked hard and instead of being a victim to his circumstances, he broke through.  In the era of Prohibition…he doubled down.  He did say “oh well, I’ll find a new business.” He grew his business and he was incredibly successful by any standard.  In the 1920’s and 30’s his company was making almost $100 million each year!!  That would be an amazing feat even today in 2016!  But this guy did it during the Great Depression!

The guy I was talking to was sitting next to me on the tram at the airport. We began talking because we both had the same backpack.  He started a Northern Virginia SEO company and did it all on his own.  He apparently grew up in the midwest and his dad was a preacher. Now he’s raking in the dough and I have mad respect for him.

Anyway, there’s something to be said for people who come from nothing. There’s a sense of urgency from them.  They fight for what they want and know what it takes.

Cheers to you sir!